What is the Best Lawn for Brisbane

Brisbane is renowned for its gorgeous, sunny weather all year round, but it can be notoriously humid and unrelenting during the summer months. When it comes to choosing grass or foliage to plant on your property, you’ll need to factor in these weather conditions to ensure your garden thrives. The last thing you want is a high maintenance lawn or one that starts to wither and brown under environmental stress. To help you pick the right lawn for your home, we’ve put together our top choices for the best lawn for Brisbane weather in our handy guide below.

Top three things to consider when choosing the best lawn for Brisbane weather:

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Climate: Brisbane is quite a warm city, so choosing a grass that’s built to withstand the heat is key to growing a healthy lawn.

Drought tolerance: With long bouts of heat and only occasional rainfall, you’ll need grass that can survive without constant watering.

Shade tolerance: Some types of grass fare better with direct sunlight more than others, which is why it’s important to see which kinds of grasses are better suited for the shade.

What is the best lawn for Brisbane?

Sir Walter Buffalo grass

 When it comes to the best lawn for Brisbane weather, there’s no grass better suited to a warm and unforgiving climate quite like Buffalo. Highly durable and easy to maintain, Sir Walter Buffalo grass was cultivated in the Queensland environment which means it’s uniquely positioned to withstand harsh drought conditions.

  • Drought resistant
  • Good for heavy foot traffic
  • Shade tolerant

Zoysia grass

Soft to the touch and vibrant in colour, Zoysia grass is a drought-resistant grass that flourishes under the full force of the sun. This type of grass is suited for environments with little shade, as it’s a warm-season grass that retains its water well. Zoysia also offers the benefits of being hard-wearing which makes it an ideal grass for areas with heavy foot traffic.

  • Drought resistant
  • Good for heavy foot traffic

X    Dislikes shade

Sweet smother

If you’re looking the best lawn for Brisbane that flourishes in shady conditions, sweet smother is the top choice. This type of grass is the most shade tolerant of all grass varieties and suits roughly 1 to 3 hours of direct sunlight a day. Coarse to the touch and with large thick blades, sweet smother is ideal for backyards with heavy foot traffic as it’s incredibly hard-wearing.

  • Drought resistant
  • Good for heavy foot traffic

X    Dislikes too much sunlight

Couch grass

This warm-season grass is fast-growing and highly resistant to drought, making it a popular choice for Australian homeowners. Its fine leaf blade and rich green colour create a flat finish for a polished and manicured look, though it does require regular maintenance to retain it.

  • Drought resistant
  • Good for heavy foot traffic

X    Requires regular mowing

Queensland blue couch

As the name suggests, Queensland blue couch is a grass specifically engineered to prosper in tropical conditions. Thriving in the heat and resilient to drought, this grass will retain a luscious lawn with very little maintenance. Blue couch is also low growing, which means it won’t grow wild and out of control if you don’t mow regularly.

  • Drought resistant
  • Good for heavy foot traffic

X    Dislikes shade

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